Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dra på trissor

Tvättade Surlyn i morse och gjorde en mindre angenäm upptäckt när bakväxeln rengjordes. Så här ska det inte se ut, övre trissan är på god väg att bli helt rund :-(

Ett par Tacx T4065 med keramiska lager är beställt och på väg!

Tacx jockey wheels are amongst the best in the market. They are unique thanks to the choice of materials used and their composition. The very smooth running jockey wheels by Tacx are manufactured from a resin composite that is very resistant to wear and equipped with quality precision bearings. Thanks to the closed bearings they will not get stuck, show play or squeak. For extreme circumstances, such as in mountain biking or cyclo-cross, we have jockey wheels equipped with stainless steel bearings. The wheels with ceramic bearings, for minimal resistance and high performance, are very exclusive. They're a must have for all cyclists who want to push their limits!

Passar troligtvis även för problemfri vardagscykling...

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